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New version 1.0.9 available


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NewZFinders - Feature List



NewZFinders is a free search engine of Usenet newsgroup files (file. NZB)
It allows you to search and browse all groups (newsgroups) available binaries.
NewZFinders uses an indexing engine to facilitate research across all newsgroups.

Much faster than the online search engines
with many more options, settings and features.
It can even get a free Usenet account for a limited time.

-See the list of sites that recommend NewZFinders
as Usenet search engine


NewZFinders is a NZB files search engine.
(Click here to find a grabber)

See comparison between :

- NewZFinders and onlien search engine

- The Usenet networks and The torrents one

What sets us apart from other NZB files search engines like :



- Up to 2500 results per search.
- Fast (A search of 250 results takes less than a second)

- Multiple custom search criteria including:
- Minimum and maximum sizes
- Maximum age retention (maximum 1000 days)
- Ability to see only full archives.
- Search only in certain groups (850 groups)
- Search by Author
- Exclude a word search
- Exclude the article that can be considered spam
- Whole word only
- And more ...

- The columns for the results are: (Ability to sort / move / remove columns)
- Article Title
- Item Size
- Article Date
- Group or item found
- Author of the article
- If the item contains a NFO file NFO file (And opportunity to view)
- If the item contains PAR2 files PAR2 file
- Number of available files

- Ability to see the collection of the item (if multiple files)
- Ability to do five simultaneous searches
- Ability to delete items already downloaded in search results
- Different color (Blue) when the article has always been downloaded
- Different color (Green) when the title of the article has always been downloaded
- Different color (Red) when the article is incomplete
- Different color (Pink) when the article contains a password
- Create a list of favorite bands Favorites
- Allows you to search through lists of pre-made groups
- Possibility of an internal search (filter) in the results
- Saving the names of research conducted
- Display information items in a status bar



- Free unlimited
- Simple interface and advanced
- Easy to use
- Program in French - English - Portuguese (soon other languages)
- Ability to configure the font
- Regular updates
- Customized User
- Help available via right click on most fields
- Integrated RSS Feed RSS Feed of binnews
- Ability To remain displayed next to the clock (tray bar)
- Free Usenet server



- Fast support and effective response to problem
- Simple and easy Website access
- Open to suggestions and comments!
- Software evolving
- Update automatically

Comparison between :
NewZFinders and other online Search Engine

Options NZF
Other search engine on the internet
Maximum number of search results 2500 Less than 250
Number of simultaneous searches 5 1
Indicates whether the item contains a NFO file NFO file and PAR2 PAR2 file Not all
Indicates whether the file has already been downloaded No
Saving the search text No
Create a list of favorite bands Favorites No
Search in lists of already-made group No
See only the complete archives Not all
View archive contained a Not all
Make an internal search (filter) in the results No
Viewing the NFO file NFO file Not all
RSS Feed RSS Feed of Binnews No


Is it complicated to use ?

The answer is obviously "NO".
Just first take a few moments to browse through the program,
specify your search and select the desired files.
If you need an explanation, a simple right click display the help.
The program provides a simple or advanced interface according to your needs and your knowledge.

Newsgroups, Usenet, what is it ?

The news are several "forums" hosted on interconnected servers forming a huge network called Usenet.
servers, we can call Newsgroups contain
items that can be downloaded easily and quickly worldwide.
The most of your internet speed.

To download articles on the Usenet network,
you must subscribe to a Usenet server
To subscribe to a server, go to this section.

Comparate between :
Usenet VS Torrents

Options NZF
File . NZB . Torrent
software to download NiouzeFire Utorrent
Site search NewZFinders
(This software)
Download Speed Most of your internet speed No Depend how many sources (average 500 kb sec)
Upload Speed That you download ONLY No upload to do No You are often forced to upload to keep a good ratio
How GO on servers 4.3 PB (4,403,19 TB 4,508,876,79 GB) Much, except on several different trackers


Ixinews - Fournisseur d'accès newsgroups de qualité


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